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The achievers board

They took action and they worked hard because they knew we had their back. Power and success to them, we feel fulfilled to have humbly played a part in their transformation journey. They all share a common trait, they knew they wanted something different and they were ready to do something about it.


I was unsure about what to do next, and how to step up in my career. I had no strategy, felt powerless, and my constant stress had paralysed my ability to achieve my goals.

I want to mention his ability, to build faith and to challenge people beyond their limits. Thank you, Claude, for showing me a new horizon in life!
Meeting someone with true values and dedication to helping others was what I needed the most.
Thank you for your inspiration and our sincere dialogue.

Olga Testimonial. Personal, life and leadership development

Olga Safonova


In 2007, my first company was suffering from a lack of vision, poor decisions and surrounded by the wrong partners.

Claude accompanied me in developing my business strategy, forming and training my sales team. He and our new team successfully turned the boat around in less than a year.
I am now head of a group of 6 companies valued at US$30 million. It is humbling for me to work with someone younger than me and yet wise professionally and personally.

Arnaud Testimonial. Personal, life and leadership development

Arnaud Bruchard

Founder and CEO

In less than 3 months, Claude supported me with the right action plan to realise what was first a business idea, which I was pushing back for a while. One year after, we are about to sign our first 6 figures contract.

Claude was a catalyst on a professional level and I realised thanks to him that my own beliefs were what was really holding me back. He was the only one with whom I could be myself, share my doubts and challenge my ideas without being judged or mistrust.

Nicolas Testimonial. Personal, life and leadership development

Nicolas Legiemble

Founder and CEO

I never thought I needed a coach, yet in November 2016 I decided to contact Claude regardless.

Four months in working with Claude, I found a 6 figures job and cleared my debts. It has been a life-changing experience as he helped me in building back confidence, prepare and plan strategically. No one can help you like him to identify and ask yourself the right questions.
If you feel you need a change but are unsure about how to achieve it, you should not hesitate to discuss with Claude.

Simon Testimonial. Personal, life and leadership development

Simon G

Security Sales Expert

Claude has been instrumental in helping us reassess our priorities in sales. He is a true professional in his approach to our business and the individuals in our sales team. He worked diligently to really understand our business, the challenges and continues to provide guidance, expertise and advice from his many years of experience in highly competitive overseas sales environments.

Claude would be a huge asset to any sales team wanting to bring global professionalism to the “she’ll be right” kiwi attitude. I cannot recommend him enough!!

Will Testimonial. Personal, life and leadership development

Will Smith

Executive Business Manager

Claude’s guidance and coaching played an essential role on both personal and professional levels.
His listening skills and perceptiveness became a mirror of honesty that drew my awareness to self-limiting beliefs, habits and perceptions. His humility and care are deep – I quickly trusted his guidance and the process. We worked through the 3D Mindset, a series of three simple but powerful questions that allowed me to get clear on what I wanted, why and the next action I could take to get closer to the dream. The 3D Mindset and the 7 principles to goal mastery are powerful tools to turn your life around. I now feel confident and unstoppable.

Russell Testimonial. Personal, life and leadership development

Russell Golding

Customer Success Manager

Claude offered to look at our organisation, our structure, funding, issues and to work with us on putting together strategies to “create an ecosystem of volunteering to support the growth of calls and support counselling”.

Claude produced fantastic and insightful work with practical strategies and processes for us to overcome our challenges. His capacities of thinking and adaptation are amazing.

Trevor Testimonial. Personal, life and leadership development

Trevor Easton

General Manager